both premium series united for production and sales:

DISPERLUX is well positioned in the market for more than 15 years thanks to its innovative series. The company specializes in the production of laboratory dissolvers with frequency-controlled drive technology.

PENDRAULIK is since more than 50 years the embodiment of mechanically powered laboratory dissolvers.

Both companies produce high-quality, robust, and reliable machines. Development and enhancements focus on constructions that are application-oriented and user-friendly. At the beginning of 2013 DISPERLUX undertook operations of PENDRAULIK. Consequently DISPERLUX becomes your partner regarding machines of PENDRAULIK series as well as regarding wear parts, e.g. dispersing discs. The production continues to take place in Springe, our established location.

PENDRAULIK remains at your disposal for repairs and services in Springe.

We continue to strive for premium quality of our products and we remain a reliable and trustworthy partner. Representing both companies, we look forward to service you from Berlin.