PENDRAULIK cooperates with DISPERLUX on laboratory dissolvers and production dissolvers for more than 15 years.

Both firms produce robust and reliable products of outstanding quality. Development and enhancements focus on constructions that are application-oriented and user-friendly.

At the beginning of 2013 DISPERLUX undertook operations of PENDRAULIK. PENDRAULIK handed over to DISPERLUX due to personal and age-induced reasons. Consequently DISPERLUX becomes your partner regarding machines of PENDRAULIK series, attachments, and the delivery of wear parts, e.g. dispersing discs. At PENDRAULIK’s established location in Springe, all issues with respect to repairs, delivery of service quantities, and services in general will be conducted by PENDRAULIK.

All previous contacts and contact details remain. We are pleased to answer your questions.

The new corporate structure will be visible: DISPERLUX will represent both brand names in its future design. We look forward to a close and pleasant collaboration with you from Berlin!

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