Stainless steel standard and jacketed vessels

All vessels are made of high-quality stainless steel, surfaces are polished.

The standard dispersing vessels 1-8 liters are equipped with tab handles, sizes 12 and 15 liters with bow-shaped carrying handles, and sizes 20-75 liters with two lateral carrying handles and solid bottom hoop.

The jacketed vessels can be used for many processes requiring thermal supply or protection against, for reasons of reproducibility also for those to be carried out under controlled temperatures. Quicklock clutches ensure easy connection and also avoid leaking of thermal liquid after disconnection.

Dispersing vessels · Dispersing discs · Grinding discs

dispersing vessels
stainless single wall
dispersing discsgrinding discs
polypropylene (pp)
volume ø x height mm diamter mm sizeø x height mmvolume ø x height mm
1l100 x 14040EMS/0160 x –0,5 l80 x 110
2l130 x 18050EMS/0280 x –1,0 l 100 x 130
3l155 x 19060DMS/0395 x 952,0 l120 x 180
5l175 x 23070DMS/05105 x 1053,0 l 140 x 200
8l200 x 28080DMS/08 120 x 1205,0 l 180 x 200
12l240 x 30090DMS/12140 x 140
15l270 x 300 100DMS/15160 x 160
20l270 x 375125
25l300 x 375

150 only available
with TR 34 black 300 D
30l300 x 440
50l340 x 555
75l400 x 620
dispersing disc
grinding disc EMS
grinding disc DMS

Evacuation system

easy to interchange
– easy to use – effective

  • the standard shaft will be replaced by vaccum system
  • effective sealing for most purposes, no extra cooling required
  • vacuum lid with inspection glass, opening for product inlet, vacuum outlet and valve
  • the system works with our standard single wall low priced vessels
  • jacketed vessels can be adapted
  • for multi-purpose-use: placement of large sized vessels with inside fixation for different types of small size vessels