Laboratory Dissolvers EX series

Laboratory Dissolvers from our EX series are well suited for dispersing of paste-like material or for wetting a lot of products used in chemical industries or the coating industry. For example laboratory dissolvers EX are adequate for dispersion paint, lacquers, coats, pastes, adhesives, and etc.

The results can be scaled up to all volumes maintaining the quality. This series use powerful motors with forced ventilators and PTC thermistor sensors and frequency-converters. The complete and compact controls are directly attached to the machine and provide users with the following advantages:

The series were developed following laboratory dissolvers IP series including an explosion protection according to 94/9/EG guidelines. All points listed for Laboratory Dissolvers IP apply to Laboratory Dissolvers EX plus the following supplements:

  • alternating current 230/400 V 50 Hz
  • powerfull motors with PTC thermistor sensors in safety class EEx e II BT4 usable for frequency inverter
  • user-friendly operation thanks to EX control panel: main switch, start-stop, fast-slow, speed display, emergency push-button
  • alternatively available control cabinet with EX model positioned next to the machine (Type .. EE)
  • or IP model installed outside of hazard area (Type .. EI)
  • both models are equipped with a junction box and terminal blocks to allow a user-friendly installation according to cable list and connection diagram
Bild des Labordissolvers EX der Firma Disperlux.
Laboratory Dissolvers EX
Bild des Schaltschranks EX der Firma Disperlux.
Schaltschrank EX-Ausführung