PENDRAULIK Laboratory Dissolver

efficient equipment for
Dispersing - Mixing - Solublishing - Stirring of solids in liquids.

The dissolver is excellent for wetting and dispersing pigments and extenders in numerous systems in the paint, plastics and chemical industries. Typical examples are emulsion paints, varnishes, primers, PVC-pastes, chlorinated rubber solutions, glues and adhesives, resin solutions etc.

Results can be scaled up directly to any production system. The multi-purpose agitators are used for many applications with liquid and flowable products, also by consumers.

  • solid, stable stands, column stainless steel, counterweight inside column, chain block, defined and easy moving linear guidance
  • 3-phase AC-motors expl. proof
  • mechanical variators ensure constant speed even while viscosity changes
  • agitator shaft stainless steel solid double bearing construction
  • dispersing discs stainless steel
  • dispersing vessels stainless steel single wall and jacketed constructions
  • grinding discs for discontinuous milling
  • all machines equipped to CE-safety rules with clamp and safety switches
  • vacuum-system available
model LD 50, item 1 fixing device quick fit, dispersing vessel 2 litres
model TD 100, item 2 fixing device screw fit, dispersing vessel 5 litres
model TD 275, item 4 fixing device screw fit, dispersing vessel 20 litres

PENDRAULIK - Elektroanschluss · Schaltgeräte

PENDRAULIK modesl are equipped with threephase asynchornous-motors for uste at 400 V 50 Hz.

Any delivery complete with safety devices installed and clamps as offered in our pricelist complies with EU safety rules 98/37/EG. The machines can be used only with a vessel clamped and the dics inside the vessel.

EU declaration of conformity can only be part of the machines equiped with this safety devices.

Regarding the use explosion proof machinery inside hazardous environments, we have to comply with EU rules 94/9/EG (ATEX 100 a).

In terms of the attestion of conformity, please find detailled information for every model in our pricelist.

Photos show model TD 100 EX installes with safety device as complete system tD 100 IP with switch only.